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Pyramid Deluxe Pedicure 5 in 1 - Red Wine (Case 50pk)

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Step 1 : Therapeutic Fizzy Tablet

- Eliminate foot odor and fungus 

- Softens the skin, conditions cuticles, nail shitening and prepares the foot for treatment 


Step 2 : Exfoliation Sugar Scrub

- Gently remove the dead skin while precious oils nourish. 

- Revives the skin by stimulation blood flow and leaves skin feeling extra soft. 


Step 3:  Purifying Clay Mask 

- Draws out impurities and restores skin. 

- Nourishes, relieves, disinfects, purifies and revitalizes skin


Step 4:  Massage Lotion 

- Help to recondition skin prone to looseness

- Replenish and restore the energy of the skin

- Strenthen the skin's natural moinsture barrier, sealing in moisture and absorb quickly 


Step 5:  Restoration Serum 

- Deeply moinsturizes and softens skin 

- Firms, hydrates and replenishes skin

- Detoxifies, refreshes and illuminates for clearer and younger looking skin. 


Case includes 50 individual packs